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Road Atlanta

07-14-2023 ROAD ATLANTA

Friday - July 14, 2023

HOD at Road Atlanta Friday July 14th!!!!



$299.00 solo drivers $324.00 with coach 

Regular prices return 6/15/23 - 349.00 solo

$399.00 novice with coach

Another group is there Saturday and Sunday to make it a full weekend.


We offer more safe track time than anyone ... 3  hours per driver...


 America's #1 performance driving group, offering unparalleled, safe, exciting, heart pumping track day experiences from coast to coast since 2004. 

All this and more for only $299.00 for solo drivers. 

($25.00 coach fee applies to A- beginner driver registrations)

The run groups are:

A - Beginner with coach. This group is comprised of drivers with little or no experience driving on a race track. Passing is allowed with a point by, on the straights only.

A - Novice solo. Drivers in this group have been recently signed off as solo. Passing is allowed with a point by on the straights only.

B - Intermediate solo. These are drivers that have accumulated many solo track days, and are signed off to intermediate status. Passing is allowed, but not required, on the entire lap with a point by. In his group, if you do not feel comfortable passing in certain turns etc. you are not required to do so.

C - Advanced solo. These drivers have of  tons of laps at many different tracks. Passing is required, without hesitation, with point bys on the entre lap.

D - Unrestricted  (registration numbers sensitive) These drivers have 100's of laps at tons of tracks. Point bys are not required in this group, but they are highly encouraged. Contact Steve, for addtional information and approval for this group prior to registering.

And as always...Approved coaches and staff drive for free!!!

Additional driver/same car and same solo run group $100.00

Say your car isn't up to the task?

"Arrive and drive" fantastic rental cars are available from the official HOD car rental company "ONEMOTIME ADVENTURES" racing. C7 vettes, and other top of the line prepped cars await you, at prices that are the "absolute best" anywhere. Contact: James Davidson at:            onemotimeadventures, or call 321-508-0954 for more information.

Need your car tuned to the max?

  HOD's very own Danel Toro, owner of "Self made motorsports" will help you exceed expectations and get that extra horsepower you deserve. His state of the art facility and fantastic customer service are second to none. Contact Daniel at 954-305-9738 for information.

Track photography by

Point by photos is our official photographer/videographer. Contact Scott at, pointby.photos  to reserve your event package designed and developed exclusively for you. They will work with your requests to save these memories for a lifetime.

Need the best racing gear?

Brakes, suits, seats, belts, gloves, helmets, fluids, hans devices, cool shirts, and everything else racing you can think of, available at Wine Country Motorsports. Contact their expert staff for your exclusive "Team HOD" Florida incentives. Thats: wine country motorsports.  Check out their amazng selections today.

Do you want to drop seconds off your lap times?

Contact Ethan Low for your personal pro coaching, and data analizing experience. Go to: ethanlowracing.com for details.

Stay tuned for updated camping and garage rental information.

Don't wait until it's too late!!! Register now 

Special price goes away 6/14/23

Road Atlanta

 Friday, July 14th


07-14-2023 ROAD ATLANTA - 07-14-2023
A beginner with coach - $324.00 - AVAILABLE
A approved novice solo - $299.00 - AVAILABLE
B intermediate solo - $299.00 - AVAILABLE
C advanced solo - $299.00 - AVAILABLE
Additional driver-same car same group B or C - $100.00 - AVAILABLE
Coaches/staff - AVAILABLE
D unrestricted - $299.00 - AVAILABLE

HPDE Venue Info - Road Atlanta

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