Hooked On Driving | May 25th. GrandSport Speedway - Houston - Track Day
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GrandSport Speedway

May 25th. GrandSport Speedway - Houston - Track Day

Saturday - May 25, 2024

Welcome to Hooked On Driving Track Days!  After 16 years of quality race track events around the United States, HOD is excited to offer HPDE programs at Grandsport Speedway - Houston, TX - with a focus on you, the driver, having fun and improving your driving skills. No matter what your level of experience is from a first time track day person to an advance race track driver we have a place for you. Our High Performance Driver Education is unmatched!

Enjoy plenty of exclusive track time on track,  a catered lunch and time get to know new friends at the mature HOD motorsports community without the crowds, and the overly aggressive drivers.  Come out and see how our organization is different from all the others based on our unmatched customer service.

  • - A - Novice is for drivers with little or no track experience and who are wanting instruction and guidance. Includes skid pad and on track instruction.
  • - A - Novice - Private Instructor is for drivers with little or no track experience who are wanting private in car instruction for the day.  Includes skid pad and on track instruction with private instructor.
  • - A - Novice - Solo is for drivers that have completed the novice program but still want some more guidance from an instructor before they move to intermediate.  There are no skid pad exercises in this session.
  • - B - Intermediate is for novice and novice solo drivers who have completed the novice course on track and are ready to go!  Point by passing on Straits.
  • - C - Advanced is for those who have advanced track driving skills and will operate in a more open environment on track.  Point by passing anywhere.

8AM Start time for all groups!  Please be on time.  Schedule and information sheet will be sent out a few days before the event

For information, contact davidz@hookedondriving.com by email or Phone 1-888-572-7223

Rental Track Cars

The following track ready rental cars are available for $1000 per day for Novice only.

  • - Porsche 997 (automatic transmission)
  • - Porsche 996 (manual transmission)
  • - Corvette C5 hardtop (manual transmission)
  • - FFR Cobra Spec Racer

Porsche Track Car Rental 

Corvette C5 Track Car Rental 

FFR Cobra Track Car Rental

Welcome to HOD!

NOTE:Don't worry about too much sun or a little rain.  Don't through that Easy-Up in your trunk to just have it blow away at the track.   Covered parking spaces are available as an option for $35.

Shade/Weather Shelter Rental

Helmet Rental

GrandSport Schedule for May 25th –(Subject to change)

7:00am Gates Open & Drivers Check-In

8:00 Drivers Meeting

8:30 Novice Skid Pad Exercises

8:30 Group ‘C’  Advanced Session #1

8:50 Group ‘B’  Intermediate Session #1

9:20 Group ‘AS’ Novice Solo Session #1

9:40 Group ‘C’  Advanced Session #2

10:00 Group ‘B’  Intermediate Session #2

10:20 Group ‘AS’ Novice Solo Session #2

10:40 Group ‘C’  Advanced Session #3

11:00 Group ‘A’ Novice Session #1

11:20 Group ‘B’  Intermediate Session #3

11:40 Group ‘AS’ Novice Solo Session #3

12:00 Box Style Lunch provided by HOD

12:20 Group ‘C’  Advanced Session #4

12:40 Group ‘A’ Novice Session #2

1:00  Group ‘B’  Intermediate Session #4

1:20  Group ‘AS’ Novice Solo Session #4

1:40  Group ‘C’  Advanced Session #5

2:00   Group ‘A’ Novice Session #4

2:20   Group ‘B’  Intermediate Session #5

2:40   Group ‘‘AS’ Novice Solo Session #5

3:00   Group ‘A’ Novice Session #5


May 25th. GrandSport Speedway - Houston - Track Day - 05-25-2024
A - Novice - $425.00 - AVAILABLE
A - Novice - Solo - $325.00 - AVAILABLE
A - Novice - Private Instructor - $500.00 - AVAILABLE
B - Intermediate - $300.00 - AVAILABLE
C - Advance - $300.00 - AVAILABLE
Passenger Wristband - $25.00 - AVAILABLE
Coaches/Workers - AVAILABLE

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