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New Jersey Motorsports Park

NJMP Thunderbolt Saturday April 8th 2023

Saturday - April 8, 2023

It's finally track time after a long winter!  Join us for our first Northern event of the 2023 season at NJMP 

We will be on THUNDERBOLT Saturday ONLY.

Register early and don't miss out on what's always been a sold-out event.


Group A Solo registration requires a previous sign off with multiple prior track days. Please contact KenE@hookedondriving.com for Group A solo registration questions.

If there is not enough interest for a full group D run group, all group D registrations will run in Group C

Important Times:

  • - 7:00 am to 8:00 am – Registration in the classroom
    (Helmet Rentals and extra lunch tickets after the drivers meeting)
  • - 7:45 am – Coaches Meeting (TBA, See Coach Email)
  • - 8:10 am – Mandatory Drivers Meeting (outside the garage.)
  • - 9:00 am – Track goes hot, 1st cars on track

Event logistics will be emailed out Monday evening, April 3, and will also be posted here. 

Convertible owners please note: NJMP does NOT allow convertibles without EXPOSED rollover protection. Deployable roll hoops are NOT always compliant and your helmeted head must pass the "broomstick test."  When seated in the car with helmet on, a straight edge from the top of the windshield to the rollover protection shall not touch the top of the helmet. There is a distinction between Convertibles and Roadsters.

For any questions about convertibles, please email Northeast@hookedondriving.com

Garages MUST be reserved directly from NJMP 
Camping overnight can be arranged directly through NJMP

Please Note: 

All discounts good until Friday March 3, 2023

Timeframes for advancement is an observed recommendation. Each driver develops at a different rate. Drivers will be evaluated by a check-ride for promotion to next run group. Many drivers run in different run groups at different tracks based on their experience at that track, for example, you may be a C level driver at WGI but a B level driver at VIR because of experience at that track.

Group A Novice (includes 1 on 1 Coach) This group is for novice drivers with little or no experience. It will include a dedicated coach for the entire day, multiple classroom sessions and about two hours on-track in their car with a coach. Passing in this group is limited to designated passing zones with a mandatory point-by per car. We observe that drivers advance to A-Solo at different rates.  Anyone with minimal or no track experience and has not been signed off to run in a solo run group should register for A Novice.  

Group A Solo (includes a Coach for 1 session) If you have either completed the HOD A-Novice program and been approved to run in A-Solo or has been signed off for solo elsewhere (Please Email Ken prior if you are registering based on another groups solo sign off). In this group drivers work with a coach at least one on-track session. Classroom attendance is highly recommended, but not required. Passing in this group is limited to designated passing zones with a mandatory point-by per car. Check-ride is required to move to Group B. 

Group B Intermediate (Solo) Drivers in this group are at the intermediate level. We provide group coaching by our Group Leader. Passing in this group is limited to straights with a mandatory point-by per car. A check-ride is required to move to Group C.

Group C Advanced (Solo) This is the advanced group with Point-By Passing. Passing in this group can occur anywhere, in straights and in corners, where it can be completed safely. A point-by is required per pass and per car. 

Group D - (Unrestricted Passing) This is an invitation only, open passing group. Passing in this group can occur anywhere it makes sense, no contesting corners, and point-bys are not required (although many drivers still use point-bys). Please register for group C and email KenE@hookedondriving.com with your experience and driving resume for approval.  Upon approval you will be moved into Group D. IF there is not enough interest for a full group D run group, all group D registrations will run in Group C under Group C rules.

We will not be running a D group for this event.

Any questions on what run group to place yourself in please Email KenE@hookedondriving.com 


Tentative schedule:

NJMP Thunderbolt Saturday April 8th 2023 - 04-08-2023
Group B Intermediate (Solo) - $375.00 - AVAILABLE
Group C Advanced (Point-by required) - $375.00 - AVAILABLE
Group A Novice (Includes Coach) - $425.00 - SOLD OUT!
Coaches - $0.00 - SOLD OUT!
Group A Solo (Previous Sign off Required) - $375.00 - SOLD OUT!

HPDE Venue Info - New Jersey Motorsports Park

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