Hooked On Driving | Pocono Mega Course Saturday May 25th 2024
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Pocono Raceway

Pocono Mega Course Saturday May 25th 2024

Saturday - May 25, 2024




Drive the Fastest Track in the Northeast!!!

We will run our end of day NASCAR surprise that everyone looks forward to every year, Paced for Groups A & B, and open for our coaches and advanced drivers weather permitting.

This is the Real MEGA-Course, Over 20 Turns that flow, in the right direction !!!

Timeframes for advancement is an observed recommendation. Each driver develops at a different rate. Drivers will be evaluated by a check-ride for promotion to next run group.  Many drivers run in different run groups at different tracks based on their experience at that track, for example, you may be a C level driver at WGI but a B level driver at VIR because of experience at that track.

Group A Novice (includes 1 on 1 Coach) This group is for novice drivers with little or no experience. It will include a dedicated coach for the entire day, multiple classroom sessions and about two hours on-track in their car with a coach. Passing in this group is limited to designated passing zones with a mandatory point-by per car. We observe that drivers advance to A-Solo at different rates.  Anyone with minimal or no track experience and has not been signed off to run in a solo run group should register for A Novice.  

Group A Solo (includes a Coach for 1 session) If you have either completed the HOD A-Novice program and been approved to run in A-Solo or has been signed off for solo elsewhere (Please Email Ken prior if you are registering based on another groups solo sign off). In this group drivers work with a coach at least one on-track session. Classroom attendance is highly recommended, but not required. Passing in this group is limited to designated passing zones with a mandatory point-by per car. Check-ride is required to move to Group B. 

Group B Intermediate (Solo) Drivers in this group are at the intermediate level. We provide group coaching by our Group Leader. Passing in this group is limited to straights with a mandatory point-by per car. A check-ride is required to move to Group C.

Group C Advanced (Solo) This is the advanced group with Point-By Passing. Passing in this group can occur anywhere, in straights and in corners, where it can be completed safely. A point-by is required per pass and per car. 

Group D- (Unrestricted Passing) This is an invitation only, open passing group. Passing in this group can occur anywhere it makes sense, no contesting corners, and point-bys are not required (although many drivers still use point-bys). Please register for group C and email KenE@hookedondriving.com with your experience and driving resume for approval.  Upon approval you will be moved into Group D. IF there is not enough interest for a full group D run group, all group D registrations will run in Group C under Group C rules.

Any questions on what run group to place yourself in please Email KenE@hookedondriving.com 

Please Note: Garages must be reserved online.
We run rain or shine.

Important Times

  • - 7:15am Registration check in starts.
  • - 8:15am All hands drivers meeting.
  • - 8:45am First car on track!!! Orientation Laps

Bring minimum Snell SA2015 helmet if you do not have one reserved (Snell M motorcycle helmets are not acceptable for on-track use)

Convertible owners - Ensure that a straight-edge placed from the top of the windshield to the roll protection does NOT touch your helmet when seated in your car. 

Please email Mona@hookedondriving.com with any questions.  

Please contact Pocono Raceway directly for overnight stays and hook ups. 1-800-RACEWAY (800-722-3929)

Pocono GARAGE May 2024 - 05-25-2024
Garage Request - $40.00 - AVAILABLE

Pocono Mega Course REG Saturday May 25 2024 - 05-25-2024
Group A Novice (Includes Coach) - $399.00 - AVAILABLE
Group A Solo (Previous Sign off Required - $349.00 - AVAILABLE
Group B Intermediate (Solo) - $349.00 - AVAILABLE
Group C Advanced (Point-by required) - $349.00 - AVAILABLE
Group D Advanced Solo (Unrestricted) - $349.00 - AVAILABLE


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