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Roebling Road

Roebling Road Open Track Friday August 12th 2022

Friday - August 12, 2022

Welcome to HOD South's return to Roebling Road!!!

Join us for our inaugural event with the Southern Region's new Owner Steve Fureman.

We will run an open track format from 8 am to 5 pm with a 1 hour lunch break.  That's 8 hours of scheduled track time !!! Come on and off track as you please all day.

COACHES ONLY: coaches get 8 hours of open track time with NO STUDENTS and discounted pricing.

Space is limited !!!!
Once we are full, that's it (No over crowding).

Don't miss out on trying the newly repaved track surface with a family friendly environment, lunch (included for registered drivers) and plain old good times.

For more info Email SteveF@hookedondriving.com

Introductory discount price of $249

This is a Solo Driver event.  If you have not been Signed off as a solo driver please Email Steve before registering.

Roebling Road Open Track Friday August 12th 2022 - 08-12-2022
Open Track Solo Driver - $249.00 - AVAILABLE
Coach Discounted rate - AVAILABLE

HPDE Venue Info - Roebling Road

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