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Watkins Glen International

WGI Full Course Wednesday and Thursday Aug 10th 11th 2022

Wednesday - August 10, 2022 / Thursday - August 11, 2022

We will be running only 3 HPDE run groups to give you lots of track time, Intermediate and Advanced. The Groups will be a limited to 12 and 15 cars per mile, so no overcrowding and lots of space to stretch your cars legs.

There will not be a novice group.
Garages must be reserved online. 

We will have a few coaches on hand for the intermediate solo drivers that may need some guidance learning WGI.  Please contact KenE@hookedondriving.com if you are unsure about what run group you would fall in to.

As a bonus, anyone that would like to attend the Aug NASCAR Race please let us know.  We have arranged for a limited number of reserved grandstand tickets For the Race weekend Aug 18-20th

Please Email Northeast@hookedondriving.com with any questions.

Overnight access and camping is included for the event.

  • - 6:00 pm – Gate opens on Tuesday
  • - 6:45 am – 7:45 am – Check-in/registration
    Mandatory Drivers meeting at 7:50 am. Group Leader meetings start at 8 am.
  • - 8:30 am – First cars on track. See the tentative schedule below.

Tentative Schedule:

Track walk is scheduled for Wednesday evening after the track goes cold.

Lunch is served from 11:30 am-1:30 pm (included for registered drivers. Track is cold from 12 pm -1 pm))

Fuel is available trackside from 8:00-11:30 am, and 12:00 -3:30 pm
93 Octane Unleaded (up to 10% Ethanol)
101 Octane Unleaded (up to 10% Ethanol)
112 Octane Leaded (Ethanol-free)

We will be following all state and CDC Covid-19 guidelines given to us by the track, including face coverings while in public gatherings.

Group B Intermediate (Solo) Drivers in this group are at the intermediate level. We provide group coaching by our Group Leader. Passing in this group is limited to straights with a mandatory point-by per car. A check-ride is required to move to Group C.

Group C Advanced (Solo) This is the advanced group with Point-By Passing. Passing in this group can occur anywhere, in straights and in corners, where it can be completed safely. A point-by is required per pass and per car. 

Group D- (Unrestricted Passing) This is an invitation only, open passing group. Passing in this group can occur anywhere it makes sense, no contesting corners, and point-bys are not required (although many drivers still use point-bys). Please register for group C and email KenE@hookedondriving.com with your experience and driving resume for approval if you have not already been approved for Group D.  Upon approval you will be moved into Group D. IF there is not enough interest for a full group D run group, all group D registrations will run in Group C under Group C rules.

Any questions on what run group to place yourself in please Email KenE@hookedondriving.com  

Please Email Mona@hookedondriving.com to be placed on a waitlist for any sold-out run group.

WGI REG Thurs Aug 11 2022 Full Course - 08-11-2022
Group B Intermediate (Solo) - $345.00 - AVAILABLE
Group C Advanced Solo - $345.00 - AVAILABLE
Group D Advanced (unrestricted) - $345.00 - AVAILABLE
Staff / Group Leaders - AVAILABLE
Discounted Coach Day (No Student) - AVAILABLE

WGI REG Wed Aug 10 2022 Full Course - 08-10-2022
Group B Intermediate (Solo) - $345.00 - AVAILABLE
Group C Advanced Solo - $345.00 - AVAILABLE
Group D Advanced (unrestricted) - $345.00 - AVAILABLE
Staff / Group Leaders - AVAILABLE
Discounted Coach Day (No Student) - AVAILABLE

WGI Two Day GARAGE Aug 10 and 11 2022 - 08-10-2022
2 DAY Garage Request - $80.00 - AVAILABLE

HPDE Venue Info - Watkins Glen International

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