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Hooked on Driving "Thank You" Offer

Hooked On Driving is excited to offer you a great way to share your passion for driving with your friends.
We are introducing a program that will encourage your friends to join you at the track and other HOD events, while at the same time saying "Thank You" for your enthusiasm for HOD.

>> HOD will give you a $40 credit for each new friend you introduce** to HOD, to say "Thank You" for your enthusiasm in helping our organization grow.

How it works

Simply fill out the automatic email form below to send a personalized message to your selected friends (you may want to contact them first so they know you're sending it).

These friends will then be associated exclusively to your name, and when they register and pay for an event you will receive a $40 thank you credit when each friend completes a track registration and payment process, to be used at your discretion, in either our store or to register for future events. To redeem your credit during a registration or purchase, simply enter the code into the gift certificate area, located at the bottom of the Check Out page.

This promotion will be built into the Events section of our website and will remain available for you to access for the foreseeable future. So don't wait - spread the passion!!

Subject: Invitation Gift Certificate to attend a Hooked on Driving event


Your friend ______________ has sent you an invitation to attend a Hooked on Driving track event.

Hooked on Driving is providing a $40 gift certificate to be used as a discount for your first event.

CLICK HERE to register for a Hooked on Driving event and to credit your friend with having referred you.

Your Information

Firstname: Lastname: Email:

Let us know you are human!

Friend # 1

Firstname: Lastname: Email:

Friend # 2

Firstname: Lastname: Email:

Friend # 3

Firstname: Lastname: Email:
*Karting events excluded.
**Person must be a first timer only. Previously registered, or returning drivers do not qualify for this offer.
First-time driver must complete payment registration process to be considered "introduced".
*** Honor system applies - new email names do not qualify one for new-timer status.
****Only one Thank you credit certificate will be given per referee, if two members refer the same friend, the thank you credit certificate will be given to the member that refered the friend first.

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